Truett Hurst

Truett Hurst is a magical vineyard. They have creekside property along the Dry Creek adorned with red Adirondack chairs. It is one of the best spots I’ve found in wine country. It’s so relaxing and pleasant to spend the afternoon on their property. I took my parents there in July and we stayed until closing time. On that trip the 2006 Red Rooster Zinfandel and 2008 Rattler Rock Zinfandel stood out as favorites. Their 2009 Zinfandel Rose isn’t bad either for what it is. This weekend we took another trip up to Truett Hurst. It was great to see the progress their garden had made during the summer. They had large pumkins and squash as well as bright red tomatoes and deep purple eggplant. Their garden looks as good as their wine tastes. On this trip we enjoyed the 2008 Luci Zinfandel which is named after the goat in their backyard.

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