Williamson Food Pairing

Last weekend we did some wine tasting with Kate and Brian. We ended the trip at Williamson in Healdsburg which is a great place to end the day wine tasting. On this event we had some great pairings. I wanted to take notes for the next time we’re trying to match food and great wine.

  • Joy – Sauvignon Blanc 2005 with spicy cheese
  • Amourette – Chardonnay 2008 with something cream based
  • 2007 Merlot with pepper salt and chocolate
  • Clarissa – Vin Rouge 2008 with white fish, hamburger or steak (something salty)
  • Seduce – 2006 with blue cheese and steak, very bold
  • Entice – Cuvee 2005 with something peppery
  • Heritage 0 Shiraz 2007 with Ribs, Meat, BBQ

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