Nagios Installed on Ubuntu 10.10

Yesterday at work I needed to install Nagios on an Ubuntu 10.10 server. It was pretty simple but I ran into a few hiccups that I wanted to document for myself the next time I needed to do this. I followed the regular Nagios Ubuntu quickstart quide except I used sudo on all my commands. To be fair, their official guide only goes up to Ubuntu 7. The packages they said were required seemed to still be accurate for Ubuntu 10. When I tried to ./configure and ‘make all’ I received an Error 1. The first google hit for this issue solved the problem but the fix was pretty esoteric. After the ./configure, I needed to run two lines of sed followed by ‘make fullinstall’.

The lines to run were:


sed -i ‘s:for file in includes/rss/\*;:for file in includes/rss/\*.\*;:g’ ./html/Makefile
sed -i ‘s:for file in includes/rss/extlib/\*;:for file in includes/rss/extlib/\*.\*;:g’ ./html/Makefile
make fullinstall

This saved the day. I found this info on the Ubuntu forums. I continued following the official quickstart guide and everything else work. I now have my own working version of Nagios on my server at work.


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