The Right way to Use Version Control

Software projects should have three environments: development, staging, and production. These environments should essentially be identical. In practice this isn’t always possible but we should try to get as close as possible. Every developer has a development environment for each of their computers. This means WebDeveloperA could have one development environment on her laptop and … [Read more…]

Interrogating CSVs

This week at work I had an interesting problem, I needed to bulk import many, many CSV files into our database. I wanted to do this in an automated way that would not lose any data. I came up with this idea and it worked out really well. Luckily the filenames of the comma separated … [Read more…]

Hadoop Installation Tutorial

I spend the last two days building a Hadoop cluster at work. Here are the steps you could go through to make your own cluster. This cluster uses: A fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit Server (with only the  OpenSSH package included on the install) Apache Hadoop rc1 (the current stable version as … [Read more…]