MySQL socket error on your new Mac

I hate get getting this error. Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ You get a new mac, install mac ports, install your Rails environment and you get this. I’ve solved this problem before, but I always forget what I did. So this time, I’m documenting it. The first easy fix is this, … [Read more…]

Tweet a Watt

This week I completed my Tweet a Watt. What is a tweet a watt you ask? Lady Ada of Ada Fruit Industries made a cool DIY kit to hack a Kill-A-Watt device. A Kill-A-Watt is something you buy from Home Depot that plugs into an electrical outlet in your wall. On the front of it … [Read more…]

Windows 7 and sqlite for Rails

I just installed new copy or Rails on my work computer running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. During installation I ran into this sqlite3 error. After spending 2 days on it I thought I would share the solution to help others out with the same issue. I downloaded the newest sqlite precompiled windows binaries which resulted … [Read more…]

ROS Open Source Robot

My grad school, George Washington University, just sent out a email saying they bought a Willow Garage PR2 for our school. These things look like they have a lot of potential and it looks like their is already a lot of international collaboration around this platform.

MySQL Distinct field with a count

If you play with databases, I’m sure you’ve run across this problem before. Let’s say you have a bunch of addresses and you want a list of all the cities in your database. Then let’s say you want a count of all the addresses in each city. This is trivial SQL but I always seem … [Read more…]

Recursively Delete .svn Directories

I was cleaning up two of my systems and I needed to move certain Subversion Projects from one SVN Server to another. I wanted a clean copy of the trunk and didn’t want to include the old SVN infrastructure. I found this great page that gives you one command to clean out the .svn folders. … [Read more…]