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I wrote a blog post for work about gathering temperature data with an Arduino. My example was for server rooms but this could be used anywhere you want to take a temperature reading. Check it out at

Tweet-A-Watt is working locally

I made a Tweet-A-Watt last year which is a hacked Kill-A-Watt wall plug that sends data wireless to a computer. The twitter API has changed a lot since then, it now uses OAuth to authenticate tweets. I cloned ladyada’s Tweet-A-Watt github repo and started getting to work. My code isn’t ready to push up to … [Read more…]

DIY 2×4 Server Rack on Wheels

This past weekend I made a server rack for my shed out of 2x4s. I used the design concept from Mythos & Rini which I tweaked slightly for my space. I needed a short rack I could wheel out from under a shelf. This rack is screwed together and feels very sturdy. The front wheels … [Read more…]

The Right way to Use Version Control

Software projects should have three environments: development, staging, and production. These environments should essentially be identical. In practice this isn’t always possible but we should try to get as close as possible. Every developer has a development environment for each of their computers. This means WebDeveloperA could have one development environment on her laptop and … [Read more…]