John Murphy Cruise WOD

John Murphy gave us a quick Workout Of the Day for our cruise. We really liked this one so I wanted to share it. Tabata: 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. 8 rounds Situps Kettle Bell Swings Lunges (weighted) or weighted squats Pushups Russian Twists  

Hidden Lake – Chugach Mountains

Craig and I did the Hidden Lake hike a few summers ago. Hidden Lake is right inside the Anchorage Bowl. We accessed this section of the  Chugach via the Glen Alps parking lot, you can get here from O’Malley off the New Seward Highway. (Head East on O’malley and folllw signs for the Glen Alps … [Read more…]

MySQL socket error on your new Mac

I hate get getting this error. Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ You get a new mac, install mac ports, install your Rails environment and you get this. I’ve solved this problem before, but I always forget what I did. So this time, I’m documenting it. The first easy fix is this, … [Read more…]

Tweet a Watt

This week I completed my Tweet a Watt. What is a tweet a watt you ask? Lady Ada of Ada Fruit Industries made a cool DIY kit to hack a Kill-A-Watt device. A Kill-A-Watt is something you buy from Home Depot that plugs into an electrical outlet in your wall. On the front of it … [Read more…]

Windows 7 and sqlite for Rails

I just installed new copy or Rails on my work computer running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. During installation I ran into this sqlite3 error. After spending 2 days on it I thought I would share the solution to help others out with the same issue. I downloaded the newest sqlite precompiled windows binaries which resulted … [Read more…]