Williamson Food Pairing

Last weekend we did some wine tasting with Kate and Brian. We ended the trip at Williamson in Healdsburg which is a great place to end the day wine tasting. On this event we had some great pairings. I wanted to take notes for the next time we’re trying to match food and great wine. … [Read more…]

Salt Point

This weekend we went to Salt Point north of Fort Ross. We had a great beach hike on the cool coast as Santa Rosa was burning up.

Recursively Delete .svn Directories

I was cleaning up two of my systems and I needed to move certain Subversion Projects from one SVN Server to another. I wanted a clean copy of the trunk and didn’t want to include the old SVN infrastructure. I found this great page that gives you one command to clean out the .svn folders. … [Read more…]

Truett Hurst

Truett Hurst is a magical vineyard. They have creekside property along the Dry Creek adorned with red Adirondack chairs. It is one of the best spots I’ve found in wine country. It’s so relaxing and pleasant to spend the afternoon on their property. I took my parents there in July and we stayed until closing … [Read more…]

Ferrari-Carano Grounds

This weekend we took Kate and Brian for some Dry Creek Wine tasting. Our first stop was Ferrari-Carano. I had heard that the garden and estate was very nice and worth a visit. They do have an impressive place. The wine didn’t live up to the grandeur of the grounds but we enjoyed visiting.

How Many Hipsters …

How many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb? I could tell you, but the number is so obscure you probably wouldn’t know it.